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March 7, 2017
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Commuting to work is expensive, with many paying 1, 000s for rail, tube or metro tickets each year. So it's vital to go for the cheapest ticket possible it can save you 100s each year.

Here's a quick guide on how you can buy a season ticket almost always the cheapest way to travel without having to pay the full price upfront.

Season tickets almost always win on price

Across the country, whether you're Oystercarding from Orpington or taking the train from Tiverton, you could save a decent chunk of cash by getting an annual season ticket rather than buying 12 monthly ones or even worse weekly travelcards.

"Surely I won't save that much, I'm still using the same train line, just as often?" you may say. But this is actually the best way to cut your commuting costs, often slashing the cost of travel by 100s each year.

people on trainHow much can an annual ticket save?

This table shows a few examples of how much you could save by buying an annual season ticket when commuting into some of the UK's major cities...

Monthly versus annual season tickets (2016 prices)
City Journey Monthly ticket cost Annual ticket cost Savings/yr
London Crystal Palace to Oxford Circus 146 1, 520 232
Belfast Carrickfergus to Belfast Central 93 892.80 (1) 23.20

Rugby to Birmingham New Street


1, 464


Cardiff Barry Island to Cardiff Queen Street 67.20 700 106.40
Glasgow Greenock West to Glasgow Central 153.60 1, 600 243.20
Manchester Hazel Grove to Manchester Piccadilly 96.80 1, 008

(1) Translink offers a monthly direct debit payment option for an annual travel card. Taking this option would cost 948.60, more than paying upfront, but less than buying 12 monthly tickets.

Five ways to spread the cost of a season ticket

It's hardly a secret that buying 'in bulk' usually saves on commuting costs, but the main problem is that many people can't get the cash together to be able to afford paying a one-off sum of what is often 1, 000s in just one month. Luckily, there are several ways around this, and they don't all cost the earth. Here are five ways you can spread the cost of buying a season ticket. Read through until you find one that suits you.

1. Get an interest-free loan from your employer the CHEAPEST option

This is by far the cheapest option. Many employers offer interest-free, or low-interest, season ticket loans.

Source: www.moneysavingexpert.com
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