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September 3, 2013
4912 Aberdeen Avenue Powell

Student Loan Finance Corporation is a secondary market for student loans, providing liquidity for financial institutions and low default rates for institutions of higher education. We ensure that anyone who wants to pursue post-secondary education has access to timely, adequate financing and experienced helpers.

Located in Aberdeen, South Dakota, SLFC works closely with students, as well as their lenders and schools, to alleviate education loan headaches. SLFC specializes in servicing the Federal Family Education Loan Program and Private education loans that fund hungry minds nationwide.

Powerful Insight, Priceless Service
Without experienced guidance and practical tools, student lending can be a maddening affair –whether you’re a borrower, lender or school administrator. But our clients avoid frustration through SLFC's hundreds of years' worth of combined industry experience and personal service.

This dedication has earned SLFC numerous awards from community and industry organizations, such as The South Dakota Chamber of Commerce's ABEX Award (Awards for Business Excellence) and the Aberdeen Area Chamber of Commerce's Community Wide/Community Pride ABBY Award.

Partnership: Safety in Numbers
Our stakeholders get the best deals on student lending whether they measure success by lower default rates or higher GPA's. From our relationship with partners such as the Independent Community Bankers of America to our network of participating lenders, SLFC offers better profits from people you can trust.

Granting Smart Community Service
Our dedication to academics isn’t just financial. Partnering with local KSFY Television, SLFC formally recognizes and rewards local academic achievement through Brightest and Best program. Top academic performers from each local high school's graduating class are announced on television each spring as praise for a job well done.

The SLFC Mission Statement
Student Loan Finance Corporation, an employee-owned corporation, is a recognized student loan secondary market leader. Its mission is to provide the necessary capital to finance education needs –and to service those needs in an efficient, cost-effective manner for the purpose of educating people. Toward this mission, we will continue to be a progressive, innovative leader.

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