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October 6, 2016
Student Loan Now Available For

Student Loan Finance Corporation (SLFC) has a long history as a secondary market for student loans, providing liquidity for financial institutions and low default rates for institutions of higher education. SLFC has now introduced a new loan program through member banks of the ICBA. The IHELP loan enables students to fill their needs when financing their education. We ensure that anyone who wants to pursue post-secondary education has access to timely, adequate financing and experienced helpers.

Located in Aberdeen, South Dakota, SLFC works closely with students, as well as their lenders and schools, to alleviate education loan headaches. SLFC specializes in helping students with and servicing alternative education loans (private loan) that fund hungry minds nationwide.

Powerful Insight, Priceless Service
Without experienced guidance and practical tools, student lending can be a maddening affair whether you're a borrower, lender or school administrator. But our clients avoid frustration through SLFC's hundreds of years' worth of combined industry experience and personal service.

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