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March 23, 2017

Note, here we are mainly focusing on full-time undergraduate who live in Scotland, but where there’s an important difference for other UK students, we’ve mentioned it.

See our guides on student finance for students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as for part-time students. If you're applying from one of these countries, you can apply for financial support as you would if you were remaining in your home country to study.

1. A quick introduction

The following information is aimed at what the SAAS refer to as “Young students” under which you will probably fall under. If you don’t meet all of these requirements as listed on the SAAS site, you are considered an “Independent student” and the information below might not quite apply.

For the academic year 2016/17, it is recommended that you apply before 30 June 2016 to be sure that you'll receive yours in time for the beginning of your course (September 2016) if you're a new student. However you can still apply for student finance for the year 2016/17 up to 31 March 2017.

2. No tuition fees for Scottish students studying in Scotland

If you’re staying in Scotland to go to uni, then good news: your tuition fees will be paid for you by the SAAS – you don’t have to pay a thing back! This means you have to be living in Scotland when you apply to university; if you were born in Scotland but moved elsewhere and then applied, you are not considered a Scottish resident and thus won’t qualify.

You still need to remember to apply to the SAAS for this each year of your course.

If you choose to study in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, you can apply for a student loan (non-income assessed) to pay part of or all your fees. Keep in mind that you may be charged upwards of £9, 000 a year in tuition fees for institutions in these countries.

If you live in England, Wales or Northern Ireland and wish to study in Scotland, you’ll be eligible to pay up to £9, 000 a year in Scottish higher education tuition fees (though Welsh students have up to £5, 161 of this paid for them by the Welsh Assembly).

Scottish students studying in Scotland

So you don’t have to worry about tuition fees but you still need to think about money for accommodation, books, travel and nights out. You can apply for a maintenance loan of £5, 750 (max.) which is means-tested based on your household and circumstances. The minimum (non-income assessed) loan is £4, 750. Both are repayable.

Source: university.which.co.uk
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