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June 23, 2017
On student loan repayments

Taking time out of your course is sometimes called 'taking a leave of absence', 'suspending' or 'intercalating'. There are many reasons for doing this. It may be due to personal or medical reasons which mean you cannot continue, or perhaps you need time to step back and consider whether your course is right for you.

The student finance information outlined below is for full-time home undergraduate students covered under the Education (Student Support) Regulations and receiving support from Student Finance England. Arrangements may vary slightly for those applying to other authorities, and those students should seek advice.

Is it better to take time out or withdraw?

It can sometimes be better to take an agreed period of time away from your course rather than withdraw completely. This may be particularly important for students who started their course:

If you agree to suspend your studies and stay on the same mode of study, your student finance and fee liability should remain under either the pre-2012 rules or the pre-2016 rules.

Please note that if you started your course before 1 September 2016 and transfer onto a course which involves changing your mode of study, for example moving from a full-time to a part-time course, you will be subject to the new post-2016 tuition fee rates and new student finance arrangements.

How do I arrange to take time out of my course?

Arranging to take time out of your course and return at a later date can be quite straightforward. You will need to speak to someone within your academic school so you can agree the date you will leave and the date you anticipate returning. Both you and the University will then need to contact your national Student Finance Service to confirm this information so that your student finance can be kept open ready for your return. If you started your course before either 1 September 2012 or 1 September 2016, we would urge you to make sure that the leave of absence is well documented and get confirmation in writing from Student Finance England that your student finance application will be kept open and that pre-2012 or pre 2016 student finance package will be available on your return. For assistance in making these arrangements please contact the Student Financial Support Service.

When you leave

Both the amount of fees you will be liable to pay and the grant or loan funding available for fees and living costs will be determined by the precise date on which you suspend your studies.

The official date of suspension will be determined by the academic school, and this will be communicated directly to the relevant student finance service through the normal channels. The precise date is usually based on when you confirm in writing your intention to suspend, but you should be aware of the deadlines set out below.

Tuition fees

At Nottingham Trent University, tuition fees for Home / EU undergraduate students are calculated on termly basis, and when a student leaves before the end of the academic year they are charged a portion of the tuition fee, based on the number of terms they were in attendance. Find out more about fee liability if you leave during the 2015/16 academic year.

Grants and loans for living costs

Grants and Loans for living costs are payable in termly instalments, and the total paid is to cover from the first day of term until the first day of the next term. This is known as 'the payment period'.


The Maintenance Grant, Special Support Grant, Adult Dependants Grant and Parents Learning Allowance are paid in respect of 365 days. Where a student suspends their course part way through a payment period, a reassessment of these grants should normally be based on the number of days that the student was undertaking, or can be treated as undertaking on the course from the first day of the academic year to the date of suspension. This is likely to result in an overpayment of grant, repayment of which is likely to be requested immediately or taken directly from any future grant entitlement. Help is available during any negotiations with Student Finance England from the Student Financial Support Service at NTU if needed.

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