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April 16, 2014
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The Walton Library is located on the 5th floor of the Medical School.

There is a parking bay at the front of the building for disabled users. A ramp gives access to the Medical School and there are lifts with low level tactile buttons and audio announceents which give access to the Library on the 5th floor. The Walton Library is on one level and all areas are accessible to wheelchair users.

Law Library

The library is located in the basement of Newcastle Law School (21-24 Windsor Terrace).

For parking please use the 3 available parking spaces reserved for disabled users at the rear of the Philip Robinson Library which is adjacent to the Law Library.

The library is accessible to wheelchair users via a lift located near to the Law School Reception; there is a power-assisted door to enable entry to the library itself. There are some areas of the library which will present problems to wheelchair users (e.g. steep ramps). If you require assistance, please speak to the Law Library Staff at the Issue Desk. If you anticipate problems with either parking or entering/using any library please contact the University Student Wellbeing Service or contact us through Library Help.

Marjorie Robinson

The Marjorie Robinson Library Rooms (MRLR) is the newest addition to the University Library, and is located at 89 Sandyford Road.

There are two parking bays to the rear of the Library, and a ramp to the front of the building to give access.

Most user areas are accesible to wheelchair users. Some areas which may present problems are:

  • living room spaces on the first and second floor
  • doors to some study rooms which are of standard width

Philip Robinson Library

If you have mobility problems or impaired hearing please inform the Library Attendants at the Reception Desk when entering and leaving the library, so that in the event of an emergency we can alert the Fire Brigade to your presence.

Disabled refuges are situated in staircases C (Levels 3 and 4) and E (Levels 2, 3 and 4). Emergency call points are installed to enable you to contact the Library Attendants, and the double doors give half an hour protection from fire. We have an EVAC chair on Level 3 and 4, which can be used to evacuate you during an emergency.

Walton Library

In the event of an emergency evacuation, please make your way to a landing outside a fire exit where an EVAC chair is available and staff will come to assist you.

Law Library

It would be helpful if users with mobility problems or impaired hearing could advise Library Staff at the Issue Desk when entering and leaving the Library, so that we can alert the Fire Brigade in the event of an emergency.

Users with mobility problems should leave the building via the six available Fire Exits and await assistance.

Marjorie Robinson Library Rooms

Disabled refuges are situated in all staircases on the first and second floors. Emergency call points are installed at each point to enable you to contact security. There are EVAC chairs at all disabled refuges on the second floor.

If you have any mobility problems or impaired hearing, it would be helpful if you would please inform staff at the Reception desk when entering and leaving the building.

University Computer Clusters

Height adjustable desks with a PC are identified by a green Easy Access Workstations screensaver. For a full description of the services offered by the University, please go toIT Service Accessibility and Disability webpages.

Height adjustable desks

Available on Level 1, 3 and 4 of the Philip Robinson Library. At the Walton Library in the Dene, Linn and Glen clusters. At the Law Library in the Refetrence Room and Grey Cluster (Room 304). At Marjorie Robinson Library Reading Rooms on the second floor.

Extended loan periods

Extended loan periods are available on most categories of books.

  • Student Texts (STC) bookings (Philip Robinson Library only)- these four hour bookable loans MAY be extended for 24 hours if there are no previous bookings and the item is not in high demand. Please ask at the STC Desk.
  • Walton Library four hour loans become 24 hour loans.
  • next day loan becomes 48 hour loan
  • one week loan - may be extended for two weeks
  • four week loan - no extension (as may be renewed)

Recalled items cannot be extended and must be returned by the due date otherwise overdue charges may be levied.

Hardware Loans Scheme

Readers can borrow equipment from the Hardware Loans Scheme which is run by the IT Service and housed in the Philip Robinson Library. A wide variety of equipment is available including:

  • digital recorders
  • magnifiers
  • portable CCTVs

Inter Library Loans

It is Library policy to ask users to collect and submit their Inter Library Loan requests in person.

Photocopying and retrieval of items from shelves

All library staff are happy to assist users in retrieving items from shelves or with photocopying, however, staff may be delayed if the Library is busy.

At the Philip Robinson Library if you require assistance please ask any member of staff on the Information Desk or Service Desk who will be happy to give day-to-day help.

At the Walton and Law Libraries please ask any member of staff at the Issue desk who will be happy to give assistance.

At the Marjorie Robinson Library Rooms there are low level scanners available on the first and second floors to enable copying, and accessible Quick Access Printing Stations are available on both floors.


Men's and Women's toilets with wheelchair access and emergency pullcords are available on Level 2, 3 & 4 in the Philip Robinson Library.We also have disbaled toilets on Level 3 and 4. To access these toilets please use your smartcard.

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