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April 6, 2016
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Queen's Easy Pay is a flexible catering system which makes it easier for you to pay for meals in campus restaurants and coffee shops and is available to all students and staff.

By loading money onto your Student Card or Staff Card you can use it to pay for snacks and meals on campus. Students will receive a student card when you enrol after arriving at Queen's. Once you have added funds on your card, you can start to use it to buy snacks or meals.

You have the flexibility and choice to buy as much or as little to eat whenever you want, for example confectionary, soft drinks or a full meal. A typical breakfast or lunch meal deal may cost £3 to £5, or dinner meal deal may cost £5 to £7.‌

The benefits are:

  • No need to carry cash.
  • It's probably similar to the cashless system you had at school.
  • It's a faster method of paying.
  • Your parent/guardian can top up your account from home.

Adding Funds to your student card

New students

New students coming to Queen's and your parent/guardian can add funds to your student smart card account before you leave home and while you are at Queen's; follow these instructions:

For students who know their Queen's student identity number before you leave home to travel to Belfast:-

  • Log-in to Queen's Online, using the student number and password which has recently been sent to you. Select 'My Smart Card' and follow the prompts to add money to your catering purse.

Returning students or students still living at Queen's

You can add money to your student card using a valid credit or debit card by visiting Queen's online and selecting 'My Smart Card' and follow the prompts.

Parent Guardian Topping-up

Your parent or guardian can add funds to your catering purse from home if you decide to pass them your Queen's Online user name and password.

You can use your student smart card in coffe shops and restaurants on campus. For more information about all the places to eat at Queen's please click here.

The credit on your Student Card also has other uses:

  • Printing and Photocopying - using your card you get preferential rates for printing and photcopying in the Univerity's libraries.
  • Student Experience Busary - this fund is updated automatically onto your smart card if Queen's University receives confirmaton from the Student Loans Company that you are entitled to a bursary. It can be used for payments in Queen's Sport, Queen's Film Theatre, Belfast Festival at Queen's, Language Centre, Careers in the Student Guidance Centre, the Information Services shop in the McClay Library, the SU Shop and Queen's Welcome Centre.

Internal Point of Sale (POS)

Feedback from Schools and Directorates has highlighted the need for a process which will allow (authorised) staff to purchase hospitality from our in-house catering units and charge it to their School or Directorate without having to create an online order, complete an IRCF form, raise a purchase order or use their own funds and later claim expenses.

Internal POS books are available at the following in-house providers:

  • Café Krem - PFC, ECIT, INTO
  • Clements Coffee - Queen's Students' Union, MBC and HOPE Café
  • Deanes at Queen's
  • Kylemore - Queen's Students' Union (Starbucks) and The Daily Grind at the Ashby building

Step by Step Process

The following shows how this straightforward process works and the control measures in place. If there are any questions at all please feel free to contact Brian Prunty in Accommodation and Hospitality on extension 4527.

The Purchase

  • The customer (staff member authorised by their School or Directorate to use the facility) visits the catering unit and selects the items (either to be consumed in the unit or to be taken out) potentially for a working lunch, an informal or short notice meeting or to entertain a visitor to the University.
  • The customer must advise the cashier that they wish to pay by internal POS and present their staff card. Presenting your staff card is a mandatory requirement - no staff card, no catering!
  • The cashier will complete the POS form which includes the date, staff name, staff number and amount. The cashier will verify the customers identity by checking their staff card.
  • The customer will then complete the customer section of the form, including their School or Directorate name and project code to be charged, before signing the form to confirm the amount charged is correct.
  • A receipt will be given to the staff member as normal. We would advise staff to retain this receipt to reconcile against QFIS charges. The customer is required to check that the amount charged is correct before they sign the the form authorising the transaction.
  • A copy of the order will be sent at the end of each month to Accommodation and Hospitality where they will debit your project code on QFIS.

Control Measures

  • Staff identity - the cashier will check and record staff card details to verify the identity of the customer.
  • If a School/Directorate has a query regarding any charge on QFIS, the Accommodation and Hospitality Finance team will provide details of the transaction as recorded in the POS book.
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