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March 3, 2018
Luke Shaw

If you are thinking about transferring to a different course either within NTU or at another University, you will need to take advice from a range of services.
It is vital to get advice regarding the implications for your tuition fees and Student Finance, and this page outlines some of the key points to consider. Further advice is available from the Student Financial Support Service.

The student finance information below is for students covered under the Education (Student Support) Regulations and receiving support from Student Finance England. Arrangements may vary slightly for those applying to other authorities and those students should seek advice.

2016 – new fee and funding arrangements

If you are planning a transfer that will involve starting a new course or changing your mode of study, it is especially important that you seek advice. If you started your current course before 1 September 2016 and decide to change your mode of study (e.g. from full-time to part-time), please note that you will be classed as a new student for fees and funding purposes and will be subject to the post 2016 tuition fee rates and new student finance arrangements.

Transferring within NTU

If you transfer to another undergraduate course within NTU, the tuition fee will stay the same. If you transfer between courses mid-year, and are able to continue on the new course within the same academic year, the total fee for the year should cover your attendance on both courses.

If you are unable to transfer mid-year and are required to start the new course at the beginning of the following academic year, you may have some fees to pay in respect of your old course, as well as the full fee when you start the new course the following year. Find out more about your fee liability if you leave during the 2015/16 academic year.

Transferring to another University

If you transfer to a course at another university, you are effectively withdrawing from NTU and the amount of fees you will have to pay will depend on your official date of withdrawal (see links above). Our leaving NTU page also has further useful information. If you transfer mid-year, you could find yourself liable for fees at both universities and you should check this with the University to which you are transferring. Please note - you are only entitled to a tuition fee loan for the terms you are in attendance at University. If you transfer to a course at another university, you are advised to check your fee liability with both Universities.

Student Finance

Provided the relevant academic school(s) and / or universities have endorsed your course transfer, you should be able to transfer your student finance entitlement to allow you to receive the tuition fee loan and any loans / grants for living costs in respect of your new course. If the transfer means that you will be studying for longer than the period for which you had originally been awarded student finance, you may not receive funding for the whole of the new course and your previous study (below) will be taken into account in any calculation of your student finance entitlement.

Arranging to transfer your student finance

Your academic school at NTU will notify Student Finance England of your change of course (if you are transferring within NTU) or the last date of attendance at NTU (if you are transferring to another university). In the latter case, your new university will also need to send Student Finance England a form called a Notification of Student Transfer.

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