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July 22, 2016
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NY State AssemblyNew York State recently implemented new, stronger laws regulating debt collectors – including debt collectors that pursue student loan borrowers. The changes go above and beyond what is required under federal debt collection laws and make New York one of the strongest states in the country for consumer protection.

Strengthening consumer debt collection laws is critical for student loan borrowers. Nearly one in four borrowers are delinquent or in default on their student loans, and that figure has been stubbornly persistent despite the addition of new repayment programs and increasing scrutiny on student loan servicing. It doesn’t help that federal student loan collectors have enormous powers to pursue defaulted borrowers. Private student loan lenders often engage in aggressive tactics as well, and may resort to filing lawsuits against student loan borrowers.

Here’s a summary of some of the major new rules in New York protecting student loan borrowers and other consumers:

Enhanced Initial Debt Disclosure Requirements

Debt collectors must provide clear written notification of consumer rights, as well as information about the underlying debt (including the name of the original creditor and itemized accounting), within five days of the debt collection agency’s initial communication with the borrower. This is especially critical for student loan borrowers, who often see their federal and private student loans change hands several different times during the delinquency and default process.

Regulation of Debts Beyond the Statute of Limitations

While federal student loans do not have a statute of limitations (a specified timeframe on the collection of a debt), private student loans do. The strengthened New York debt collection rules require debt collectors to notify borrowers if the debt is beyond the applicable statute of limitations. Since making a payment on an expired debt can “undo” the statute of limitations defense and re-start the clock, requiring that borrowers be notified is hugely important.

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