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June 3, 2017
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ScHARR Fixed Term Contracts Project Case Study

PIU ran a process mapping workshop with ScHARR at the beginning of January 2014. The aim of the workshop was to map the current process for managing staff contracts reliant on fixed-term funding. Not unlike many of the process mapping workshops we have run in the past, the session highlighted many different wastes, delays and areas for improvement in the current process. Following this workshop we were approached by ScHARR who asked us to run an improvement project to help them make improvements.


  • Design and implement a clear process for managing contracts reliant on fixed-term funding and its impact on workforce planning
  • Design a process that involves the member of staff with clear and appropriate options at the earliest opportunity
  • Ensure unnecessary duplication of effort has been removed from the process
  • Reduce the process time in order to allow ScHARR to react to new research opportunities more effectively


  • Reduction in staff time from 1535hrs to 194hrs per month
  • Process time - old process average 74 days, new process 56 days (comparing six months of data)
  • Staff satisfaction Staff satisfaction with the process increased from 38% (old process) to 82% (new process)
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