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October 23, 2017
Sheffield do exist

sad graduate photoHas a bankruptcy attorney told you school loans won’t be discharged in bankruptcy? Tis is not entirely accurate. You can discharge a student loan in bankruptcy. You must prove you are suffering an undue hardship. The courts have made this a virtually impossible burden to meet. The proof must be presented in an adversary proceeding. An adversary proceeding is very costly. Think $10, 000. Don’t have it? No surprise.

It is easier to say that both Federal and private loans are non-dischargeable. One local bankruptcy mill even says this right in their fee contract.

Does this mean there is nothing to be done about the crushing burden of student loans, whether federal, private or parent plus, or harassment from their collectors? No. In fact, discharge is a possibility, just not in bankruptcy.

I am part of an elite group of attorneys educated in student loan law. I am a graduate of the prestigious Student Loan Workshop. When offered, the Workshop only accepts a limited number of applicants.

The fact bankruptcy is not an option does not equal helplessness. Ask yourself if you:

  1. Don’t earn enough to pay the minimum monthly payment?
  2. Are threatened with wage garnishment?
  3. Face Social security offset?
  4. Have tax refund offset?
  5. Are being sued for a student loan?
  6. Are afraid to answer the phone because of student loan collector harassment?
  7. Are in default on your student loan?
  8. Think bankruptcy will help?
  9. Wonder about discharge of your student loans?

If any answer is yes to these questions you need to contact me for a $150, thirty minute consultation. We can do this in my office or we can do it by phone. Before we meet I will have you obtain and email me your up to the minute information on all for your Federal student loans. There will be a few other papers for you to complete.

I will do my best to explain your options. You will be in a position to either do it yourself, or you may chose to work with me as your student loan lawyer. If you choose to work with me, I will credit your consultation payment against your legal fee.

My goal is for you to learn there is hope, and you are not alone. It all begins with reliable information about what can and can’t happen to you. You have options. You can control the process. You need a plan.

Click the link below, or Call toll free 888-633-5426 X 701 today to schedule the consultation.

PS: The sooner you call after graduation the better. Don’t wait for your payment grace period to end. If you aren’t employed or not paid much, GREAT! It is entirely possible to have a $0.00 monthly payment in a plan to have your Federal Student loans forgiven. Take advantage of this time of low income. Each moment you wait is costing you time and money. Call now.

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