Banks that offer student loans consolidation Glasgow

July 21, 2017
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    Yorkshire Bank

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    30 St Vincent Place, Glasgow G1 2HL

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    0800 707 6471

It seems that almost everyone got into debt during the post 2000 boom. Credit card zero interest rate offers and buy now pay later offers where everywhere, and many of us took them up on the never-never. With the financial crash many of us got burned as balance transfer offers dried up, and credit scoring got tougher. For those of us left with large debts on high interest rates, debt consolidation loans offered one of the best solutions. They avoid damaging your credit rating as other solutions do, while cutting your interest rate down to something substantially more manageable. Yorkshire Bank ( offers one of the best options, with a representative APR of just 4.9%. For those with credit cards with 25% interest rates this could literally divide the interest paid by a factor of 5.

With unsecured debt consolidation loans on offer up to £25, 000 there’s enough room to fit in almost everyone’s credit card debts. Repayment options are between 1 and 5 years, allowing you to choose a fixed monthly payment that matches your ability to pay. Those with previous Yorkshire Bank loans that they intend to pay off using the debt consolidation loan can extend this to 7 years if borrowing more than £15, 000.

You don’t even need to bank with Yorkshire, or be based in the county, to apply for the loan. Decisions are made online and in an instant, and with 51% or more getting 4.9% APR at a fixed rate there’s a good chance you’ll be able to substantially cut what you’re paying on your borrowing. As the loan is unsecured you’re not risking your house or car by taking it out, although you will need to ensure that you can afford the monthly repayments. The loan is available to those between 23 and 74 who earn at least £15, 000 per year, although Yorkshire Bank customers from the age of 18 can apply. Early repayment options are available, for both full sum and part sum amounts, with only 58 days interest payable.

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