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January 15, 2017
FHA Loan Guidelines Are

Business and Management Studies program includes Retail management, Marketing, Finance, Economics, Human resource management, Strategy and Enterprise and Law specialities. This program is accredited by Bulgarian NEAA, recognized and accredited by Cardiff Metropolitan University, which provides students with the opportunity to receive two Bachelor Degrees upon successful completion of their studies.

During the first two years of their education, students who have chosen the Business and Management programme will have core modules such as: Marketing, Management, Economics, Finance, etc. In their last year students will have elective modules, which will allow them to specialize in one of the abovementioned academic fields.
Business and Management Studies program is organised in English for 3 years.
Selective specializations after the second year: retail management, marketing, finance, economics, human resource management, strategy and enterprise or law.

Students in Business and Management Studies have two obligatory internships during their education of 6 and 11 weeks and take place in International Business organizations. Those Internships are professionally oriented and intend to develop business skills and provide financial support to students taking part in them.

Those students who have already graduated from this Business and Management Studies work for Multinational companies in the private and public sectors. The Business and Management programme is designed in such a way that it provides students with the opportunity to specialize in one of the abovementioned pathways thus making it very useful for career orientation and capitalization on personal strengths. In fact, in the last year of their education students will be able to enhance their own capabilities in the field of studies that is of particular interest to them.

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